HandPrint Flowers Preschool Lesson Plan


Preschool Art Activities


  1. PREPARE BACKGROUND: In a contrasting color to what your handprints will be, paint a wash of craft paint over the entire background (colors shouldn’t be too dark so that handprint art will be seen). Allow drying completely.
    *** If you choose to use watercolors for the background, please be careful NOT to saturate the paper with water! This could cause the paper to buckle and possibly make it unscannable.
  2. PAINTING HANDPRINT ART: Pour a small amount of washable craft paint in the desired color onto a tray. Gently press the child’s hand into paint and press in the center of drawing paper. Move paper in a circular motion and repeat the process so the child’s handprints form “petals” of a flower.
  3. PAINT STEM AND LEAVES: With washable craft paint, let the child use a paintbrush or finger to paint a straight line down from the center of handprints to create the stem of the flower. Paint leaves on side of the stem. Add Colorful dot in the center of handprints to create a center of the flower.
  4. PAINTING BUMBLEBEES: Gently press the tip of the child’s finger into desired color paint on the tray. Then press fingertip onto the paper around the flower to create the body of the bee. Allow drying completely. Add stripes, with a black magic marker, across fingerprint to create bee’s stripes. Add eyes and antennas with a marker as well.
  5. DON’T FORGET TO PUT STUDENT NAME AND YEAR ON THE DRAWING, at least one inch away from outside of the border.


Helpful Resources By Grade Level:


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th – 8th Grade


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Required Materials

  • 01Display My Art drawing paper.
  • 02 Washable craft paint.
  • 03Paintbrush (optional), magic markers.
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