Family Coat of Arms Grade Level: 3-8


In Medieval Times, a Coat of Arms represented one’s accomplishments, heritage, and values. What represents you? Consider your hobbies, pets, sports, religion, favorite foods, a self or family portrait, your home, favorite colors, a special vacation, or your nationality.

Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to:

1. Label the elements of a coat of arms.

2.Summarize the purpose and significance of coats of arms.

3. Design a personal coat of arms.



With pencil draw what’s in orange.

Coat of Arms Step 1










With pencil draw what’s in orange. Divide the shape in 3 or 4 sections. Your
top section can be combined for a larger drawing space, perfect for a family

Coat of Arms Step 2










Erase what’s in blue.

Coat of Arms Step 3


Choose three or four subjects of interest and draw a picture of that subject in
each section (such as a flag for your nationality/nationalities, your family pet,
your favorite activity or food). For the banner, use your last name, your first
name or a family motto. Fill up the background space with bright colors and
have fun!

  • 01Display My Art Paper
  • 02Pencil
  • 03Markers
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